Complete physicals in Maple Ridge, BC

Making sure to schedule and attend your annual physical is a must. A complete physical is the best way to conduct preventative health assessments. At Fraser Medical Clinic, our expert physicians ensure that your physical is not in vain. Our doctors take a thorough medical history and listen closely to our patients’ concerns. Then, we provide an in-depth evaluation, and, if necessary, a treatment plan.

What is a complete physical?

A complete physical is your annual exam with your physician. This exam usually entails reviewing medical history, family history, basic blood tests, examining reflexes, going over medications, logging weight and height, and listening to the heart and lungs. These are just a few of the many different evaluations that can take place during your physical. Depending upon your age and lifestyle, more or less tests and procedures may be required. Generally, a physical includes a basic health risk assessment, along with any other gender specific testing.

What is a health risk assessment?

During a health risk assessment, your physician reviews your individual and family medical history and lifestyle habits. This can include diet, exercise, drinking, smoking, drugs, and sexual activity. Basically anything in your life that can impact your health. Sometimes this can even include the workplace, depending upon if you work in close proximity with hazardous materials or chemicals. Based on your answers, your doctor will provide advice or a health assessment to best suit you and offer you optimum quality of life. Similarly, if you excessively drink, smoke, or use drugs, your doctor will warn you of medical conditions that can arise from prolonged, excessive use.

What does a RCMP exam include?

At Fraser Medical Clinic, our providers proudly conduct Driver’s medical RCMP exam. If you have are in the process of becoming a member of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police, our physicians will gladly perform your medical exam to ensure that you are physically fit to perform your duties.

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