Our clinic is centrally located in Maple Ridge with a sizable clinic -12 examining rooms, a treatment room equipped to perform minor procedures including excisions, sutures, cryotherapy, and other procedures.  Accessibility to our clinic by public transit, car or walking is very good. The main bus station is across the street. Many of the consultant offices are located in the profession building, across the street or a very short car ride/walk away, as is the main laboratory. The hospital is only minutes away by car.

Our office, Fraser Medical Clinic, is a General Family Medical Practice with patients from all demographics, young, single, working families, and seniors. At the moment we are involved in a pilot project, collaborating with the division of family practice to investigate the benefits of CDM RN in the practice. This programme has been very helpful with our Chronic Disease patients and those with co-morbidly.

Dr. Karmali has also is been mentoring a nurse practitioner student for the last year.  It is our hope she will join the practice, when she is finished her training. She would like to provide woman’s health services. Nurse Practitioners in the GP setting are not common in B.C., but we have seen the tremendous value she had added. Dr. Karmali has also provided opportunities for GP preceptorship.

Fraser Medical also arranges for diabetic clinic days, utilizing the assistance of highly trained allied health care providers such a DNE – diabetic nurse educator (RN with special interest and training in diabetic care). Ongoing Chronic Disease such as diabetic care can be time consuming and better patient outcomes can be achieved using the professional aide of a CDM/DNE.

Partnerships with these allied health care professional frees the physician to provide care to others while the complex care patients continue to receive comprehensive care that their disease requires. The DNE nurse attends our office approximately one a week. Additionally, a respiratory therapist does much the same for our COPD, CHF and asthmatic patients – approximately once every 6 weeks. We have been proactive with our diabetic patients and our treat to target outcomes. We have done a few internal patient audits to see how well our patients are being managed and try to close care gaps, as necessary. Fraser Medical Clinic is also proactive with childhood and adult immunization using our accredited immunization nurse to run clinics days to review patient immunization status and offer, with physician consultation, the appropriate immunization.

Fraser Medical has been an EMR (electronic medical records) office since 2008. We are always looking to improve our systems to provide the best care and easiest working partnerships with our physicians, referral physicians, laboratory and imaging, staff and patients.


  • Dr. Karmali and his family are generous supporters of Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation. They have participated in several of our fundraising events in the community such as the annual Gala and Fund Run for many years. We've been delighted to partner with the Karmali family to support health care in our community - raising funds to purchase essential equipment and other high priority needs for our hospital. We are very grateful for their ongoing dedication to their hospital and their community.
    Laura Butler
    RMHF Development Officer, Annual Giving
  • My family and I have had Dr. Karmali as our general doctor for quite a few years. I was always so grateful to Dr. Karmali for really listening to our health concerns. No matter how busy he was, he always took the time to be thorough and to provide the best care he could. I was very appreciative to Dr. Karmali for referring us to specialists when needed. He took our concerns seriously and he validated our questions about our medical issues. I would recommend Dr. Karmali for anyone who is looking for a family doctor.
    Coralie M
  • Dr. Karmali as been my doctor for 27 years. He always listens to my concerns. He sends me for investigations and referrals to specialist, when necessary. I have always found him to be friendly and professional. I enjoy swapping fishing stories.
    Tibor K
  • Tanya was awesome. It great to have a nurse available for my injections, it's quicker for me and the doctor sees me when it's necessary.
  • The nurse was very good. An asset to have at the clinic.
  • I can get my B12 shot anytime and I don't have to wait!
  • Valuable program to ease pressure on the system of getting my health checks.